Mistakes I made

Over the past year I had a so called boyfriend on the side

He was a slick individual

I was vulnerable 

Because of the situation I was in with my sick husband

I fell for him

He took me for about a thousand dollars
I can’t really blame him

I would help out whomever I could

But nevertheless he took advantage of the situation

We had sex at first it was great but then it was as if he was bored with me

I know I am a great woman

I did love my husband

I took care of him until the day he died 

But this man on the side 

Promised me so many things

None of the came to past

He supposedly introduced me to his father over the phone

His sister in person

But that was a lie 

I think he was telling them that I was a stalker

He was a good liar

I still have love for him but I can’t be with him because he was a liar

Life is funny

I’m alone now but I am going to be OK

My journal log is going well

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