Dinner and lies

I have given you my everything and you shitted on me

For what

You never deserved me or my love body or time

I am wrong for not accepting the fact that I was a little upset with my own life SO you were supposed to be my relief
But you plotted to get all you could out of me
The first time I saw you I should have turned you down
I was weak 

Because of my situation

You are a snake in the grass

You are a very crazy man with a boy mind

I am taking the blame for trusting you

I agreed to be your friend lover confidant

You lied and said you were the same

I’m upset with me

I was truly slippin you are an evil deceptive Man

All of the signs were there but I ignored them

I will not take any more of your shit please never come back

We were never going to be in love
You lied to me all the time

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