WTF!!! Bishop Eddie Long Surprisingly Brings An Entire High School Football Team To Christ–It Will Not Be Long Before He Is Having Sex With Them In His Office!

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well no one should be surprised by Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Long went out his way to invite a football team to church after they lost on of the young men. It is amazing that time shows that a person with an issue falls back to their old ways. Now he has a whole new football team of high school guys to marry, become his sons, and soon loves. It will not be long before Eddie has some of the guys from Creekside naked across his desk with his tongue up their ass! Here are the details from Joy 105 below:
Two of the greatest evangelistic tools known to mankind is death and one’s own testimony. I’m believing that the sudden death of the Creekside High School football player who died in a scrimmage game Friday night…

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