DIY: Quick And Easy Way to Make A Sundress

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

DIY SundressI love DIY projects, especially when they are successful. I did not plan my latest DIY project. Perhaps this is why it worked; I did not have time to over-think it. Anyway, a few months ago I purchased a cotton skirt at a local thrift store.  I love the beautiful blue floral print. The skirt had side seams with in-seam pockets, an elastic waist band, and a layered hem. Although I was not sure what I was going to do with it, I knew it was plenty fabric for any type of sewing project. Well yesterday, I finally gathered the courage to cut this skirt and repurpose it into a sundress for my daughter. I wished I had created a photo journal of the project; it would have made it easier to describe.  Nonetheless, this is what I did.

First, (after I washed and ironed the skirt) I removed the waistband and the in-seam pockets. Then I used one…

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