my bills are only so low wow i cannot wait to get out there again now i have potential three jobs i am grateful when one door closes another three opened for me and i think that staying there at the old job might have been holding me back from all of these opportunities


plus the new places are much more organized and safety conscious. and i dont think they will let gold teeth wearing non commercial drivers around    

2 thoughts on “THANK GOD

  1. Bitch please get a life and stop talkin bout my sister. I told u u needed to get a job instead of talkin all dat bs. Don’t u have a husband? He’s a fuck nigga for lettin u do all dis shit. Ure not even a real woman. A real one would have say up straight and shut up. All u do is hate! Nothing good will ever come to u…..

    • and that is why i do what i do you are looking for me and i dont care about you are your fucking well being fuck you and the horse you fucked to get there i will always have because i have so um yeah

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